Rap 'N' Star 3

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Rap 'N' Star
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***Rock 'N' Star*** Out Now!!!

Rap 'N' Star is a mini recording studio that allows users to pick there beats, record, and start making hits. In this Paid Version of Rap 'N' Star you are getting all the features unlike the demo version. In this Paid Version you are able to "Pick A Beat" and let the hit-making happen. Rap 'N' Star is ideal for those who are trying to make it BIG, or for those who just want to mess around and see how they sound. Also, the GREAT thing about Rap 'N' Star is that beats are uploaded weekly! PLUS!! if you have beats you want to be on Rap 'N' Star send them to my email along with the name of the beat and I will gladly add it to the instrumentals!!! Just another one of the features Rap 'N' Star is capable of!!!

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